Busy On Cloud (2 user)

Busy On Cloud (2 user)

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Description of product

Busy On Cloud (2user)

This Cloud Bases Accounting or Cloud Based Computing is our unique service which removed the barier of time and place for maintaining the accounting, inventory or statutory data. In closing time or heavy ruch time period for finalising accounts, making sales statements after all day billing and many other situation, every body was spending time in late hours in office or shop.

Now after using our Busy DHS services you can feed or maintain data in office or shop. Go right time back to home. In your comfort zone open DHS and continue working on that. In morning at office or shop you will get the updated data to work further. It will make life easier.

Manage your all Purchases, Sales, POS, BOM, each & every transactions. You can use your local printer to print the invoices / ledgers, etc. You can use your local disk to export or synchronize your Busy data.


The following are some of the benefits which we foresee the users deriving out of the concept of keeping their accounting software on the CLOUD.

  1. Mobility of DATA
  2. Automatic DATA backup feature is inbuilt, thus your DATA will be safe all the time
  3. Cost effective, as no up-gradation or Software AMC will be required
  4. As the package becomes accessible throughout the world, one may join as many branches as one wishes – enabling DATA centralization

How It’s Work

In cloud computing models, customers do not own the infrastructure they are using, they basically rent it, or pay as they use it. The loss of control is seen as a negative, but it is generally out-weighed by several positives. One of the major selling points of cloud computing is lower costs. Companies will have lower technology-based capital expenditures, which should enable companies to focus their money on delivering the goods and services that they specialize in.

There will be more device and location independence, enabling users to access systems no matter where they are located or what kind of device they are using. The sharing of costs and resources amongst so many users will also allow for efficiencies and cost savings around things like performance, load balancing, and even locations (locating data centers and infrastructure in areas with lower real estate costs, for example).

Cloud computing is also thought to affect reliability and scalability in positive ways. One of the major topics in information technology today is data security. In a cloud infrastructure, security typically improves overall, although there are concerns about the loss of control over some sensitive data. Finally, cloud computing results in improved resource utilization, which is good for the sustainability movement.


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