Face Guard Face Shield

Face Guard Face Shield


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  • Strong & Full Face Protection
  • Light weight & Comfortable
  • Easy to Use, Clean & Reuse
  • Additional Layer Of Protection

Description of product

Face Guard

Protects From Harmful Germs & Infections

  • STRONG FACE PROTECTION: This Safety Shield a face protection gear that’s made from soft yet strong shatter-resistant & lightweight PET thermoplastic polymer resin plastic. It’s 100% transparent to ensure clear visibility even in the dark

  • FULL FACE PROTECTION: This Safety Shield covers eyes, nose, mouth and ears from flying debris, droplets, aerosols, sprays and splatters. It is transparent, lightweight, comfortable, and breathable

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: Each side equipped with an elastic band and sponge headband. Ideal for long hours of wearing. Anti-fog and foam padded to provide extra comfort and safely against fluid and debris to the facial area

  • EASY TO USE, CLEAN AND REUSE: The transparent plastic shield can be easily washed with soapy water or hand sanitizer. Use it with any facemask like N95 or surgical mask for best impact and you can also put it on with your eye glasses

  • EASY TO STORE: The clean solution will help you in all seasons, with or without viral outbreaks. It can be easily carried in your bag or kept in your vehicle. Ideal for everybody who goes out in public domain Get one for each member of your family & friends


A Safety Shield thatProtects You from Exposure to Harmful Germs, Dust, Smog, & Smoke& helps in the fight the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Protection Especially for Frontline

For normal citizens, use of homemade masks and face coverings along with hand hygiene and social distancing is best way to prevent infection.

Helps in Preventing

FaceGuard also helps in preventing you from touching your mouth, eyes, and nose. Also remember not to pull the mask down to eat a snack, then pull it back up as whatever dirty stuff is on the mask gets on yourhands and then into your mouth.

180 Degree Protection

who need these for additional safety.

For the health-Care Workers

Since medical grade masks like N95 and surgical masks are in short supply even for the health-care workers who desperately need them. So it’s best to let these types of protective masks for them.

Additional Layer Of Protection

Thus for added protection especially for frontline medical workers and security personnel like the police, using FaceGuard offers an additional layer of protection.

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