F&D V620 Plus Black Speakers

F&D V620 Plus Black Speakers

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  • 2.0 Channel Series (Laptop Speaker)
  • Total RMS - 2.4W
  • RMS of Satellite - 2*1.2W
  • Size of Satellite - 1.5"

Description of product

F&D V620 Plus Black Speakers

Acoustic Air Spring Technology

Excellent sound and rich bass are amazing performance traits in any multimedia speaker system. The Fenda V620 Plus Black Speakers are two compact satellite speakers that come with 1.5-inch full-range drivers to produce 4 W audio output. Your preferred movies, music, videos and games will sound great owing to the Acoustic Air Spring technology featured by these V620 Plus Black Speakers.

Voguish Design, Metallic Grills

The classy exterior of the V620 Plus Black Speakers comprises of metallic grills and metallic base mounted on plastic cabinets. These V620 Plus Black Speakers sport a voguish design and the appealing light on the bottom panel looks good as well as allows visibility in dark rooms. The below one kilogram weight of the V620 Plus Black Speakers makes these space-saving enabling you convenient positioning as per choice.

Easy Controls and Power Supply

You can bring down the level of loudness in your music or raise the volume up high with the in-line volume control located on the cable of the V620 Plus Black Speakers. The USB input cable of these V620 Plus Black Speakers doubles as both the music input option and the power supply source so that you do not end up stocking too many messy cables on your desk. You can also input your musical files via the 3.5 mm jack stereo audio cable that accompanies the V620 Plus Black Speakers to play what you want directly from your smartphone, tablet, PC, TV and more.Insert Alt Text here

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Heavyweights that don’t look serious

Plastic cabinets with metal grills... not a home theatre, just a 2.0 USB speakerYou gotta love it when more is packed for less the space. Here’s an intimidating-looking speaker set which wows you once turned on. It’s like a fancy audio value-add- for your PC or notebook


That heavyweight feel..but not at the cost of heavy-duty weight. At just under one kilo, these may be the baddest speakers in their category. Metallic bottom and metal grills but compact design

Outstanding bass

The plus point about a carefully thought out design is that the resulting sound is outstanding and bass is difficult to miss

User-friendly to the core

With an in-line volume control on the cable, easy powering through the USB and simple connections to PCs and notebooks, these could be your new best friends


Exceptional sound

  • 4W output power

  • Acoustic Air Spring technology

  • 1.5 inch full range driver

Attractive lights

  • Bottom panel scores a surprise with a blue light in its drivers

  • Metallic bottom gives a solid look



  • In-line volume control


  • Satellite: 1.5" full range driver


  • Cable length: 0.8m

  • Audio input cable: Stereo Audio (3.5mm jack)

  • Audio input connector: fixed

  • USB input cable: USB port

  • USB input connector: fixed


  • In-line volume control


  • Power: 5V DC from PC USB port

Packaging content

  • Number of satellites: 2

  • Quick installation guide

Product dimensions

  • Product dimensions(WxHxD): 100 x 73 x 66mm

Packaging dimensions

  • Net weight - 0.5kg

  • Gross weight - 0.65kg

  • Tare weight - 0.15kg

  • Packaging dimensions (WxHxD):207 x 78 x 120mm

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