Pandora HDMI Streaming Dongle

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  • Mirror your screen
  • Easy to Connect
  • Form Factor & Wi-Fi Signal
  • Share Pic On Large Screen
  • Pandora media streaming device that helps you pitch your favourite entertainment straight from your Smartphone or Tablet onto your TV screen.
  • Product Code:POR 403

Description of product

Mirror your screen

Pandora makes your phone your personal remote. Use it to project your small screen on your Big TV or Projector and use it to search, browse, play & control what you view.

Easy to Connect

Pandora is a comfortable "Plug-n-Play" device. Connect the Pandora Streaming dongle to the TV directly. Connect the Micro USB cable to the back of the Pandora and connect the other USB end to the TV USB or AC adapter or Power Bank. The device is now ready to use.

What can you view?

Pandora lets you project the existing photos and videos of your Smartphone/other device to your Television. You can also project documents like Power Point presentations, Word Documents as well as Excel sheets from your Smartphone to the television. This facility comes really handy especially during Conferences or Boardroom meeting or if you simply want to sit back and re-live your moments of joy with the entire family.

Form Factor & Wi-Fi Signal

Pandora scores greatly on its form factor. In Pandora It also boosts the stability of the signal and gives you interruption free viewing.

Share Pic On Large Screen

Pandora lets you project the existing photos and videos of your smartphone/other device to large screen of your television.

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