Quantum Keyboard Mouse QHM 8810 Multimedia Combo

Quantum Keyboard Mouse QHM 8810 Multimedia Combo

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  • Long life with life span of 10 million times.
  • Special soft feel keys
  • Water resistant design
  • Extra comfort with Big Enter & Space Bar key

Description of product

Technical Details
Working Voltage1.8-3.3V
Static Working Current60uA
Dynamic Working Current6.3mA
Total Keys104 (Normal Keys)
Key Elasticity55 8g
Pretravel Distance of Keys0.8 0.2mm
Key Switch life10 million times
Material of Silica GelConstitute of Cymene ethylene, silica gel rubber no. 10-2, and Mix refined silica gel Xc941
Material of frame and key caps475/ABS
Working Voltage2.1-3V (non-operational)
Static Working Current5-12mA
Dynamic Working Current26mA
Resolution800 DPI
Buttons Elasticity70 10gfg
Total Travel Distance of Buttons0.6 0.2mm
Buttons Life10 million times
Cover MaterialABS

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