SoundPot Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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  • Bluetooth Version : 4.1
  • Aux In : 3.5mm
  • Battery : 600mAh.
  • Weight : 249 g
  • Dimension : 5 x 5.5 x 9 cm

Description of product

Easy To Carry

Designed to offer you the next level of comfort, It is a small sized convenient electronic solution for listening to music anywhere and anytime, even while travelling due to its Bluetooth features so that you can enjoy your music comfortably while you work/run/play/travelling.

Pair Two Devices in Same Time

Say goodbye to restrictions. You can pair two devices with sound-pot at the same time without worrying about connectivity issues.

Compact Size

The most striking feature of sound-pot is its compact size, absolutely light weight yet extremely powerful in output. It is an ultra portable device fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand.


sound-pot offers a high Bluetooth range of almost 10m, giving you the comfort to play your music as and from wherever you want it. The Mobile hands-free communication is easy to operate.

High Quality Performance

Users just need to turn on their Bluetooth enabled device and turn on the Bluetooth capability of the Portronics sound-pot to experience the high quality music anywhere on the go.


The Lithium - ion battery with internal rechargeable trait imparts a long lasting charge to the portable device. Users can charge the portable speakers through Micro USB cable provided with the system. The power indicator flashes the red light to alarm the users about the need to recharge. Users need not worry if they suspect the battery being dead. They just need to recharge it several times and it will be good to use again.

Funcation Keys

The rubber edges offers a strong grip and makes it comfortable to hold the device.


The Soundpot, portable Bluetooth speaker is quite aesthetically designed and has a beautiful compact cylindrical design with rubberized premium finish for better grip. Besides, it also offers high quality loud yet 'pleasing to ears' sound for devices like iPhone/iPod/iPad, Tabs, Smartphones, Laptops or other Bluetooth Audio devices.

One of the interesting features of Portronics Sound Pot is that it comes with a Voice guide. The speaker voices the current working mode while in use. Users can also use Soundpot as a speakerphone while using the hands free function of their cell phones.

The Aux In cable works as the external speaker when connected to the audio source of computer, mobile and other devices. With an intelligent power saving design, Portronics Sound Pot switches off automatically if not used for 10 minutes on waiting mode.

The Soundpot comes along with Micro USB to USB/3.5mm audio cable and Aux In cable. The Lithium – ion battery offer a long lasting charge to the portable device. The power indicator flashes the red light to alarm the users about the need to recharge.

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